Pierre Laot

Computer Science Graduate, Cybersecurity Student

About Me

I'm a French graduate student with a B.S. in computer science, and currently a Cybersecurity student in University of Maine at Augusta (ME, USA).

I’m looking to continue my studies until I get a PhD in Cybersecurity. I’m passionate about a lot of subjects in computer science, cybersecurity, but also about astrophysics, space, our environment and science in general. I would like to contribute to scientific research, to make our life better and expand our knowledge of the world surrounding us.

I also enjoy the video game industry, and the use of VR not only from a development point of view, but also for designing specific experience for the player through gameplay and scenario.

I worked on a mobile platform project ( see project section ) as personal project with a game artist student

2017 | Atlas

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2015 | Myku Rescue

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